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More people should share benefits of reform, Premier Li says

Updated: Jun 29,2017 1:55 PM

Premier Li visited Bingshan Group, a large refrigeration and air conditioning equipment manufacturer, during his three-day stay in Dalian.

Bingshan Group has undergone reforms in mixed ownership since 2008 and increased its managers’ holdings, bringing vitality to the enterprise.

So far, total assets reached 12 billion yuan, and the State-owned portion of the assets more than doubled in that time.

More people should share the benefits of reform, the Premier said as he hailed the enterprise.

Premier Li inquired about a compressor assembly line developed by an internal maker team.

To stimulate creativity, the enterprise shared its profits with the staff at a 30-70 split, and cultivated a large number of maker teams. Now there are more than 2,000 makers among its 120,000 employees.