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Premier Li stresses severe punishment for school bullying

Updated: Apr 14,2017 9:45 AM

“Among post-earthquake reconstruction, the most solid school buildings are required. Similarly, the safety on campus cannot be ignored either, as it concerns healthy growth of students and happiness of thousands of families,” stressed Premier Li Keqiang at the State Council executive meeting on April 12.

Schools should be the most bright and safest places, he said, adding that those who engage in illegal behaviors concerning campus and students’ safety, especially violent crimes, should be severely punished.

The Premier urged to set up an effective mechanism to prevent and control bullying and violence, and asked to find, intervene and stop the school bullying and violent activities as soon as possible.

The safety incidents with severe results should be dealt according to the laws, public concerns should be addressed in a timely manner and related departments must release the investigation results and take measures actively, said the Premier.

“The State Council released such a document aiming to define the bottom line of school and kindergarten management and make the whole society, especially the parents, feel at ease”, according to Premier Li.

Premier Li stressed safety should be regarded as a major concern in education development in the 2016 government work report, and pointed out that families, schools, government and the society as a whole should together shoulder responsibility for ensuring children’s health and safety.

Last June, Premier Li said in an important instruction that school should be the safest place for children, adding that school violence not only hurt them physically and mentally but also break the bottom line of morality.

To fight against school violence, Premier Li urged the Ministry of Education to work with related departments to take measures focused on enhancing the enforcement of law and regulations while strengthening legal education among students, in an effort to curb any behavior that ignore people’s dignity and life.

On April 12, Premier Li also emphasized that safety and risk prevention management in schools should be carried out properly and in accordance with students’ needs for growth, such as necessary outdoor activities, so as to provide them enough physical and body trainings.

In addition, the Premier demanded that the school and insurance companies should not sell any insurance scheme to minors who are under the age of 18 and don’t have proper judgment.