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Premier’s press conference spotlighted in foreign media

Updated: Mar 19,2017 5:48 PM

Overseas news media positively commented on Premier Li Keqiang’s press conference on March 15 before the two sessions wrapped up, giving coverage to Premier Li Keqiang’s confidence and belief in the prospects of the Chinese economy.

As the first question that Premier Li answered related to China-US relations, Reuters said it signified China’s adherence to the one-China policy that constitutes the political foundation of China-US relations and the importance it attaches to bilateral economic and trade relations, as well as the sincerity that persists in the opening-up policy.

Positive signals were unleashed about China-US relations, The New York Times wrote, and quoted Premier Li as saying that despite tensions existing between the two countries, the differences in aspects such as trade, exchange rate and geopolitics can be overcome.

“China is projected to see steady growth without the likelihood of a hard landing”, Premier Li said at the news conference. The quote was cited by world media outlets, including the Associated Press, Bloomberg News and The Straits Times, and interpreted with news headlines that Premier Li believes that China will maintain medium-high economic growth in the long term.

Premier Li aims to outline that China, as the second largest world economy, still maintains strong momentum for development, Reuters said. Also, The Wall Street Journal wrote that Premier Li’s upbeat tone on China’s economic growth and stabilization of the RMB tend to help calm down those doubtful of China’s economic prospects as its economic growth target was turned down this year.

As for China’s position on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, foreign media outlets, including the Associated Press, Russian Satellite Network and The Sydney Morning Herald offered coverage with headlines such as, “Premier Li Calls for Return to Talks on Korean Nukes” and “Premier Li urges dialogue to ease Korean Peninsula tensions”.

Japan’s Asahi television commented that with the efforts to strengthen domestic economic development and promote economic recovery, Premier Li showed a positive gesture in China’s foreign policy and released a signal that China will take the initiative in dealing with conflict in regional diplomacy.

The Chicago Tribune focused on Premier Li’s statement that China firmly safeguards economic globalization, analyzing that Chinese leaders have emerged as global advocates of free trade in response to Trump’s calls for import controls.

As Premier Li made it clear that China doesn’t wish to see a trade war break out between China and the US, the Associated Press, Reuters and The Guardian held that it set a positive tone for the development of the two countries.

Singaporean newspaper Lianhe Zaobao wrote that most of Premier Li’s answers during the press conference are related to China’s economy and livelihood. The newspaper described the Premier’s reply as full of confidence and quoted the Premier as saying that, “China will maintain medium-high economic growth in the long term, and move toward medium-high level.”