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Premier’s news conference earns positive reviews

Updated: Mar 18,2017 9:43 AM Beijing News

Premier Li Keqiang’s news conference at the conclusion of the two sessions, has drawn positive feedback, according to an analysis of big data.

The news conference covered many issues raised by journalists from home and abroad after the government work report was passed with 99.2 percent support at the closing of the annual national legislative session.

Based on a big data analysis of media reports and posts on various forms of social media, over 99 percent of material applauded the Premier’s performance, saying it greatly enhanced people’s confidence in China’s economic and social development.

According to the analysis, the buzzwords in online comments about the Premier’s answers include “practical and specific”, “targeted and to-the-point”, “confident and calm”, and “showing the confidence of a great nation”.

The most popular talking point from Premier Li’s news conference is his reassurance about land rights renewal “without application or preset conditions, and transaction of the property will not be affected”.

Other targeted and practical reform measures highlighted by social media users included reform on taxes and cutting fees and setting up a special fund for fighting the battle against smog.

At the news conference, Premier Li said that data has demonstrated the Chinese government’s achievements on economic development, opening-up, reform and efforts in securing people’s livelihood.

The most applauded achievements in 2016, according to the big data analysis, are that “China’s deficit-to-GDP ratio is less than 3 percent”, “capital adequacy ratio reached 13 percent”, and “loan-loss coverage of commercial banks was 176 percent” which are much higher than the average international level.

Other progress benefiting people most is the more than 13 million urban jobs created in the last four years, and the medium-to-high economic growth, data showed.

Premier Li also used facts in the government work report to prove that there will be no “hard landing” for the Chinese economy, and solemnly promised that “there will be no massive unemployment in a specific group”.

According to the analysis, the Premier’s firm statements in the news conference reflected the government’s strong faith in sustaining a medium-to-high growth, injecting confidence into the global market.