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Premier Li calls for govt spending cuts

Updated: Mar 10,2017 3:54 PM

Premier Li Keqiang urged that central departments should take the lead in cutting general spending by no less than 5 percent this year, with efforts to bring more benefits to the people and enterprises.

The Premier made the remarks at the panel discussion with National People’s Congress deputies from Anhui province in Beijing on March 10.

He also called on every province, municipality and county at local levels to keep abreast with central departments and to firmly cut down the three public expenses: buying and using government cars, overseas trips, and official receptions.

The secretary of Anhui’s provincial party committee pledged that Anhui is determined to fulfill its role.

During the discussion, a deputy who runs private export business said bank loan rate is much higher than the benchmark rate.

Premier Li urged related departments to check if there are unreasonable rules for private enterprises. He reaffirmed the government’s resolve to treat all enterprises equally and eliminate any discriminatory regulation.

As long as there is job creation, the government would consider GDP growth at a higher or a lower rate acceptable, said Premier Li during the discussion.

Premier Li said Anhui province is his home, and like everyone else from Anhui, he was proud of its achievements last year.

When some deputies suggested establishing new pilot reform zones in Anhui, the Premier said quality is more important than quantity, and efforts should be focused on upgrading the national Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu innovation demonstration zone.