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Slower growth target for quality and efficiency: Premier

Updated: Mar 6,2017 9:12 PM

Premier Li Keqiang participated in a discussion with the delegation from Shandong province during the fifth session of the 12th National People’s Congress, on March 6.

“I will express my own ideas as one of the delegates, and it is my fifth time to join the discussion with the Shandong delegates,” said Premier Li.

As an economic entity with $11 trillion, China is still able to maintain medium-to-high speed of growth, he said, adding that the reason that the government slightly lowered the growth target in this year’s work report, is to leave bigger room for the development of quality and efficiency of the country’s economy, and accelerating its transformation and upgrade.

Premier Li explained the new oversight model that was written into the Government Work Report. He said that the “two random” means randomly selected entities by randomly selected inspectors, and “one openness” means the release of inspection results, which would be supervised by the public.

“Ending the domestic long-distance, roaming charges not only bring benefits to the users, but also help telecom operators to increase sales and improve their competitiveness. This win-win move certainly should be encouraged by the government, “said the Premier.

His words received warm applause from the delegates. “The applause represents recognition, so the operators should firmly stop related charges,” he said.

A delegate introduced the adjustment of medical service price in the province last year. Premier Li was concerned about patients’ feelings, which should be taken into consideration, he said, adding that efforts should be made to coordinate expenses on medical inspection, medicines, and reimbursement ratio, so as to reduce patients’ burdens.

Being briefed about the province’s achievements in entrepreneurship and mass innovation, high quality agriculture and foreign trade upgrade, the Premier applauded Shandong’s efforts in transforming its driving engine for economic development.

“Last year, Shandong recorded a GDP growth rate of 7.6 percent, higher than the country’s 6.7 percent. Also, it created over 1 million new urban jobs, close to one tenth of the country’s total,” Premier Li said, expecting the province to continue to play its leading role in national economic development.

On hearing a delegate’s introduction concerning innovative attempts by Haier, a Chinese company based in Qingdao, Shandong province, Premier Li was impressed and praised its new management mode. Traditional enterprises are of one dimension, but Haier breaks down hierarchy, stimulating every employee’s creativity, the Premier added.

“All the related departments should be devoted to giving way to the development of enterprises, what the Premier has said in the work report is getting to the point,” said Lin Fenghai, one of the deputies.

Last year, the State Council asked related ministries to set aside their own interests, and introduce preferential policies to facilitate foreign trade. Thanks to that policy, exports volume in the pilot zone of Linyi, Shandong province, increased sharply this January, according to Lin.