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Premier calls for legal protection to ensure food safety

Updated: Feb 11,2017 5:07 PM

Premier Li Keqiang speaks highly of the new agricultural business models developed by an agro-ecological park in Lushan when he visited the county in Southwest China’s Sichuan province on April 24, 2016. [Photo/Xinhua]

The State Council on Feb 8 passed a draft regulation on control of agricultural chemicals and assigned responsibility for production management to the Ministry of Agriculture from the previous three separate departments.

“Integrating the functions of three departments into one solves a management dilemma and provides legal protection on farm chemical management,” Premier Li Keqiang said.

Premier Li spoke highly of the move, adding that in this way the Ministry of Agriculture will bear full responsibility for management of farm chemicals, which provides legal protection for strengthening farm chemical management and ensuring agricultural products’ quality and safety.

The draft urged implementation of a licensing system and a quality-control procedure for sales, purchases and recycling of agricultural chemicals in an effort to encourage small-scale pesticide use and strengthen supervision of highly toxic pesticides.

The regulation also stressed producers’ responsibility for the safety and effectiveness of chemicals, upgrading the quality-control management system, and recalling toxic or risky pesticides. It also imposed higher fines and blacklisting to crack down on illegal chemical production activities.

Premier Li called for related departments to further enhance supervision to resolve the issue of pesticide residue and provide a legal basis for food safety.