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Premier Li’s annual pre-Spring Festival tours

Updated: Jan 30,2017 9:37 AM

Over the last four years, Premier Li Keqiang has made it an annual practice to visit a remote area of China in the lead up to the Spring Festival. He brings gifts and greetings and learns more about the living conditions of the local people.

January 2017, Yunnan

Premier Li ordered authorities to crack down on back pay for migrant workers when he visited Ludian county, Southwest China’s Yunnan province, on Jan 23.

“Withheld pay not only violates market rules, but also offends conscience. It is government’s responsibility to fight against it,” Premier Li said.

He said as soon as any back pay case is detected, it must be solved, from the very root.

Premier Li urged poor families to be moved out of remote mountainous area when he visited a village in Southwest China’s Yunnan province.

People in the village live in dark and cold shanties with livestock and the farmlands on the slope are infertile.

He asked officials to try to relieve poverty by relocating poor families to urban areas.

Premier Li also inspected the post-quake reconstruction works at Ludian county, northeast of Yunnan province on the same day.

The Premier spoke highly of the progress achieved on the reconstruction and expressed condolences to the families of victims.

February 2016, Ningxia

Last year, Premier Li visited a nursing home in Yuanzhou District of Guyuan, Northwest China’s Ningxia Hui autonomous region, on Feb 1 to celebrate Little New Year with seniors.

He brought gifts of food and new clothing and hung two pendants on the wall with the Chinese characters “Fu” and “Shou”, representing blessings and longevity.

Premier Li then visited Banzigou village, an impoverished village in Guyuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region, and promised more efforts to resettle the poverty-stricken villagers.

Efforts should be made to eliminate poverty to allow people in financial difficulties to lead better-off lives, he said.

A better living place means better conditions for medical care and education, he added.

February 2015, Guizhou

When Premier Li walked into the kitchen of Pudong villager Wu Longqian’s home on Feb 13, 2015, he checked the quality of the drinking water. He told officials that there should be no compromises made on drinking water quality. The government has promised clean drinking water to those living in mountainous areas.

Premier Li also visited a local market in Liping county, Guizhou province. During his time there, he engaged with shop owners and discussed their problems regarding business, tax, rent and other difficulties.

Premier Li always takes time out during field inspections to meet people who run the smallest businesses in the area to help understand the reality on the ground.

During a visit to Liluo, Guizhou province the next day, Premier Li prepared instant noodles for migrant workers who were returning home to the countryside for the traditional Spring Festival. He called for more effort to be made to provide assistance that addresses the individual needs and concerns of migrant workers.

Premier Li posted the Chinese character “Fu” — meaning “good fortune” in Chinese — on the gate of a newly-built residential community in Guiyang, Guizhou province.

The community was built to accommodate residents relocated from shanty towns, and the Premier requested management to make sure residents are provided a comfortable and convenient living environment.

Jan 2014, Shaanxi

In January, 2014, Premier Li visited a shelter for homeless people in Ankang city, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province.

During his visit, the Premier highlighted the importance of social relief work and urged the governments to do a better job providing basic welfare to disadvantaged people.

Premier Li talked with vendors and buyers at a fair in Ankang city, Shaanxi province, Jan 27, 2014.

At the market, Premier Li inquired about the price and varieties of food and daily supplies. On hearing that many villagers were migrant workers who had recently returned home, he asked them to take care of themselves when working elsewhere.

Premier Li visited children who have been left behind at home while their parents have left their hometown to seek a job in Jinpo village of Ankang city, Shaanxi province, Jan 27, 2014.

The Premier talked with the father of 12-year-old Yang Kang over the phone, and told him the family was expecting him to return home for Spring Festival.