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Premier Li seeks work report advice from non-Party members

Updated: Jan 20,2017 9:05 PM

Premier Li Keqiang presided over a conference on Jan 19 and solicited opinions on drafts of the government work report for 2017, which was attended by representatives of democratic parties, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and non-Party affiliated individuals.

The Premier said China’s multi-party cooperation and political consultation system have provided a solid platform for non-Party members to discuss the country’s political issues, and explained that the meeting was to seek their suggestions on improving the draft of the government work report.

At the conference, all attendees agreed that with great efforts China completed all the targets as scheduled last year.

Suggestions such as promoting the Belt and Road Initiatives, compulsory education, training of medical staff, private investment, controlling air pollution and improving innovative ability were raised by the attendees.

Premier Li expressed his gratitude of the support from the three groups, saying that they have taken their own advantages to provide valuable and important suggestions to the country’s economic and social development, which helped the government last year.

In the past year, China’s economic and social development have made great achievements, growth speed was among the world’s front-runners and newly-added urban jobs saw a year-on-year increase, staying above 13 million for four consecutive years, according to the Premier.

China’s economic structures and economic growth driven by new growth engines were upgraded last year, laying a good foundation for the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), said the Premier, adding that the result was inseparable from the efforts by the three groups.

“With complex domestic and international situations, we should make our biggest efforts to promote growth and reform, adjust economic structure, improve people’s lives and prevent potential risks. The government needs advice from and is ready to work hand in hand with non-Communist Party members as well as associations to meet challenges that lay ahead, with an aim to keep the Chinese economy at medium-to-high speed growth,” said Premier Li.

Vice-Premiers Zhang Gaoli, Liu Yandong, Wang Yang and Ma Kai, State Councilors Yang Jing, Chang Wanquan, Guo Shengkun and Wang Yong, and other officials also attended the meeting.