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Premier Li calls for humane supervision

Updated: Jan 16,2017 11:46 AM

The 60-year-old Wu Gencun never thought that one day he would become a web celebrity, or that Premier Li Keqiang would be concerned about his fried chive pie shop.

At a symposium of 16 ministry leaders and 11 provincial and municipal leaders on Nov 21, 2016, Premier Li mentioned two snack bars in Shanghai. One of them was Wu’s fried chive pie shop.

Although the two snack bars may have some licensing problems, local government should be more thoughtful of the people involved and seek ways to achieve win-win, Premier Li said at the symposium.

Operating for more than 10 years, the two snack bars were located in an old alley. They were both popular with their customers, but they had not followed the required business procedures because their shops were located in a residential area and therefore cannot apply for licenses. The two shops attracted wide attention while being shut down according to regulations.

Hearing the news, Premier Li instructed related departments that further consideration should be made to break unreasonable restrictions on production development, employment and entrepreneurship, and stimulate market vitality through administration streamlining and power delegation.

“These snack bars are all small businesses run by the grassroots. They are popular among local people and meet the needs of society,” said Premier Li at the symposium. “We should consider a more balanced supervision.”

“I felt appreciated when I heard that the Premier was concerned about my shop. The government is also human. They helped me solve the license problem,” Wu said.

After closing the shop, local government helped Wu look for a new location for his business. Now Wu’s shop is away from the old residence building and on a business street. The rent was sponsored by a company through the government.

Wu said that he hopes the government can support more grassroots people to start their own businesses or find employment. “Specific situations need specific solutions,” he said.