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Premier calls for better use of talent

Updated: Jun 10,2016 5:16 PM

New national innovation demonstration zones must combine high-end scientific and technological talent with mass entrepreneurship and innovation, Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on June 8.

At the meeting the State Council decided to build two more national innovation demonstration zones to lead systematic as well as scientific and technological innovation.

“Our new demonstration zones should meet the requirements of the current development,” the Premier said. “They are not only the demonstration zones for self-innovation but important platforms for mass entrepreneurship and innovation.”

“I have been saying that the Chinese economy is now having both hopes and difficulties and hopes are bigger than difficulties,” Premier Li said.

He believes one key point is to expand innovation endeavors. Therefore, the Premier said it is necessary to build a batch of new innovation demonstration zones”, that answer the call of the national conference on science and technology and will help to develop new economies and nurture new growth drivers.

The innovation demonstration zones should carry out the innovation-driven development strategy in all fields and industries within them so as to make greater breakthroughs, the Premier stressed.

Premier Li said the new demonstration zones should not only rely on high-end talent but fully motivate everyone to use their wisdom.

Premier Li mentioned he visited the exhibition on China’s science and technology achievements during the 12th Five-Year Plan period a couple days ago.

“It is exciting to see these sci-tech achievements on the major projects but we should made more breakthrough in the fields closely related to people’s daily life” Premier Li said.

The Premier said he was deeply impressed by a new product developed by a small enterprise to help the hearing and speech-impaired. The product has been mass produced and put on the market, and a transnational corporation has shown interest in purchasing this product.

In addition, the Premier emphasized that “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” need to target market demand so the new demonstration zones should enable grassroots entrepreneurs to work with high-end talent to further promote a better coordination between large enterprises and small and micro enterprises.

The Premier also called for a platform of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” to be established by science and research institutions and large enterprises to provide a platform for everyone to contribute their own wisdom.  

Premier Li told provincial leaders from Fujian and Anhui provinces to be bold in the reform of delegating power, strengthening regulation and improving services.

The Premier encouraged the demonstration zones to stimulate the initiative of the scientific and technological staff and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Calling people the richest resources, like a diamond mine, the Premier asked the two provinces to make better use of their talents.