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10 times Premier Li Keqiang mentioned big data

Updated: May 26,2016 3:30 PM

Since the phrase first appeared in the Government Work Report in March 2014, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned “big data” in various situations and stressed repeatedly that this basic strategic resource should be fully developed and used. Following are some remarks made by Premier Li.

1. May 25, 2016

China Big Data Industry Summit & China E-commerce Innovation and Development Summit

The new generation of Internet technology such as big data has profoundly changed the world. Every country is now at the same start line in science and technology reform. China missed many global science and technology reforms and now must grab the opportunity.

2. May 24, 2016

China Big Data Industry Summit & China E-commerce Innovation and Development Summit

China needs to develop the new economy and new driving force, and to improve traditional economic engines. This will rely to a large extent on new technologies such as big data and cloud computing.

People used to think of the Internet as a fictitious world, but now new technologies are merging that fictitious world with the real world. We are in a new era.

3. May 9, 2016

National videoconference on promoting administration streamlining, power delegation and service optimization

Information technologies such as big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things should be used to actively strengthen unified supervision online and offline. Credit information of enterprises should be published on a platform. Credit archives of market entities, black lists and exit mechanism should be established and developed. An incentives and punishment mechanism should be set up by the end of 2016.

4. June 17, 2015

State Council executive meeting

We are promoting administration streamlining and power delegation and service optimization. It is very important to use big data, as it can strengthen the service and supervision of market entities. This is an important measure to transform government functions.

5. May 26, 2015

Guiyang International Big Data Expo 2015 & Global Big Data Era Guiyang Summit

Data is a basic resource, and an important means of productivity. The connection of big data with new technologies such as cloud computing and Internet of Things is changing people’s production and living patterns. “Internet Plus” is playing an important role in improving industries and national competitive power.

6. Feb 14, 2015

Beijing Guiyang Big Data Application and Exhibition Center

Dishonest market behavior should not be found anywhere, and power utilization can be tracked through data to provide firsthand scientific basis for governmental decisions.

7. Feb 6, 2015

State Council executive meeting

Internet and big data can be deployed to accelerate the construction of an online approval and supervision platform for investment projects. Ministries and every level of government can be connected to promote one-stop online services.

8. Nov 15, 2014

State Council executive meeting

Big data application demonstrations should be carried out in fields such as disease prevention, disaster prevention, social security and electronic governmental affairs. Key technologies of cloud computing and important project construction should be supported to help entrepreneurship and provide convenience for every household.

9. July 25, 2014

Shandong-based Inspur Technologies

Ideas of cloud computing and big data should be connected with a company’s information technology platform to establish a standard comprehensive information platform.

10. March 5, 2014

Government Work Report

Entrepreneurship and innovation platforms for newly emerging industries should be established to develop the new generation of mobile communication, integrated circuits, manufacturing, new energies, resources and materials.