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At Dongfeng, Premier stresses need for quality reform

Updated: May 24,2016 7:04 PM

“I’m not only encouraging Dongfeng company, but also encouraging Made in China. We need quality reform to promote the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing,” said Premier Li Keqiang at a heavy truck plant of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co in Shiyan city, Central China’s Hubei province, on May 23.

Premier Li refueled a red truck on the assembly line during his visit to the plant, to the delight of workers there.

The leader of the plant told Premier Li that 40,000 vehicles can be manufactured annually and that sales of Dongfeng commercial vehicles in overseas markets in 2015 increased 12.8 percent year-on-year.

“We are still learning advanced techniques from developed countries. We hope to further improve production efficiency and craftwork,” he said. He also said the company attaches great importance to customer demands.

“Quality is the core,” said Premier Li. “We’ve already had the price advantage compared to overseas products. We can have stronger competitiveness if we improve our quality.”

The plant grouped workers into over 90 innovation workshops to improve the production process. During the Premier’s visit, there was a group of workers discussing assembly components in a small meeting room.

“There is still big potential for improvement. I heard some drivers say that there are still gaps between domestic and overseas quality. Can we fix this?” Premier Li said.

“That is our goal,” said a leader of the production line. He told the Premier that the plant is trying to meet the standards of world-famous companies.

“More efforts need to be made and more details noticed. Craftsman’s spirit is also very important,” said the Premier. He stressed that Chinese auto industry will be more open and cooperate with overseas enterprises. He also encouraged technicians and workers to improve the steadiness, reliability and safety of product quality.

The origin of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co. Ltd. is the Second Automobile Manufacturing Factory established in 1969. Premier Li paid a special visit to the “founding fathers” of the factory during his inspection on May 23.

“You overcame all difficulties and constructed a modern motor city in a mountainous area, which is a great contribution to the development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry,” the Premier said.