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Premier Li meets Laotian president

Updated: May 4,2016 9:41 PM

Premier Li Keqiang met with visiting Lao President Bounnhang Vorachith at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on May 4.

China and Laos are neighboring countries with a good relationship, and the bilateral ties have grown over 55 years, the Premier said. On May 3, President Xi Jinping held a talk with Bounnhang. China is willing to increase political trust with Laos, promote the smooth completion of cooperation projects, including the Sino-Lao railway project, strengthen communication and exchanges on regional development, international and regional affairs, and enhance the continuous development of Sino-Lao relationship and cooperation.

This is the first year of the ASEAN Community, and the 25th anniversary of China-ASEAN’s dialogue relationship and the first year of Lancang-Mekong Cooperation, Premier Li said, stressing that regional cooperation faces a rare opportunity for development.

China applauded Laos’ positive contributions to regional cooperation and development and supports Laos’ work as the holder of the ASEAN presidency, Premier Li said.

“I look forward to attending the East Asian leaders’ meetings at Vientiane this year and the summit marking the 25th anniversary of China-ASEAN’s dialogue relations,” said the Premier.

China is willing to work with Laos and other ASEAN countries to safeguard and promote the good environment of China-ASEAN relationship and East Asian countries’ cooperation and send a signal of peace and stability to the world to benefit people in those countries, the Premier added.

During the meeting, Bounnhang said the newly elected party and political leaders in Laos highly values the development of Sino-Lao relationship and appreciated China’s support of Laos. The flourishing bilateral economic, technical, trade and investment cooperation contributed greatly to Laos’ economic and social development. Laos hopes to expand cooperation with China in all fields and welcome Premier Li’s visit to the country.