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Premier cites ballad to encourage local governments

Updated: Apr 30,2016 2:16 PM

During Premier Li Keqiang’s April 25 visit to the wide and narrow alleys in Chengdu, he cited a ballad to stress to local governments that they should play a role in social development.

“They need to further improve the system, and streamline administration to increase social vitality,” said the Premier.

The Premier acted as a tourist visiting several shops and asking shop owners about businesses and tax burdens. He also listened to their opinions on the VAT reform.

“The alley can be narrow, the mind to benefit the public should be wide,” the Premier said.

During his visit, Premier Li cited lines of the Chengdu ballads — Even those who have no short clothes now have five pairs of trousers. The origin of the ballad comes from a story in the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25-220).

The Shu Brocade remains famous from ancient times. Back then, handicraft work was the major source of income for the local people. People secretly lighted lamps at night to do handicraft, which easily caused many fires every night.

Later, local officials canceled the regulation but asked every household to store enough water. Since then, people’s lives became more convenient and the economy became prosperous.