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Premier Li stresses historical heritage in Chengdu

Updated: Apr 28,2016 4:56 PM

Premier Li Keqiang stressed retaining the local historical heritage and improving people’s livelihood as he visited the “Broad and Narrow Alley” in Chengdu, Sichuan province, on April 25.

Premier Li visited the alley at night, where he bought several books and souvenirs as an ordinary tourist and asked shop owners about their business conditions and tax burdens.

The Premier first dropped by a bookstore, inquiring about the name of the store, and said that books reflect the boundless universe, the past and the present, as well as ways of the world and public sentiments.

The Premier bought a book and two sets of postcards that depict the features and views of Chengdu. He said that Chengdu has a long history and encouraged local officials to expand their vision to improve people’s livelihood.

The Premier then visited a coffee shop, asking the owner to tell him the truth about their operation situation, tax burden and other expenses for running the shop. Later, he explained the benefit of replacing the business tax with value-added tax to a restaurant owner, telling him that “after the reform is implemented, your tax will be reduced.”

The Premier stepped into a beer shop, chatted with two foreign tourists and recommended Qingdao beer to them. And he also talked with a young shop owner from Bangladesh, inquiring about his business condition, and bought an Arabic sand bottle with the design of a camel symbolizing family.

Upon completing his inspection of the alley, Premier Li urged compiling the historic records of Chengdu, especially those concerning the Broad and Narrow Alley. “Only if the historical heritage is retained can we open up the window to the world,” said the Premier.