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Premier stresses making efforts to build a well-off society

Updated: Apr 26,2016 9:03 PM

Premier Li Keqiang visited Ya’an and Chengdu cities in Southwest China’s Sichuan province from April 24 to 26.

As a 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Lushan county of Ya’an three years ago, the Premier is always concerned about the area’s post-earthquake reconstruction and residents’ lives.

He placed a flower on the memorial table at the 4.20 Lushan Earthquake Memorial Hall and paid tribute to the earthquake victims.

Seeing rebuilt roads, busy working farmers and well-arranged new houses in what was then a devastated area, the Premier felt relieved and amazed, saying that everything the government has done is to make sure people can live better lives. Only with unyielding spirit can the future be better in Ya’an, he said.

As he visited a middle school in Lushan county, the Premier stressed building schools that are solid enough to withstand any dangers and disasters. .

He walked into the students’ dormitories and asked the students about their studies, saying they should cherish the opportunity to study hard and grasp more skills to repay society.

Premier Li encouraged them to enrich their imaginations and cultivate hands-on abilities when viewing their handicrafts in the school’s activity room.

Supporting the development of advantageous industries is key for restoration and rebuilding in Ya’an. The Premier thought highly of the new agricultural business models developed by an agro-ecological park and encouraged those there to not only bring profits to the farmers, but also to provide green and healthy food for consumers.

When the Premier paid a visit to Longmen village, an ancient town primarily supported by tourism, he said he hopes its people will work hard to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

During a stop at Xianglin Textiles, which was rebuilt after the earthquake, the Premier inquired about the company’s production, sales and staff incomes. He said post-quake reconstruction should focus on creating more growth points to improve people’s lives and drive economic growth.

Local people in charge said the economic and social development levels in the quake-hit area have surpassed that of before the earthquake.

This is not only restoration and rebuilding, but also development and reconstruction, which has created a development mode that integrates enjoyable living and working, industrial development and new-type urbanization and new village development, as well as coordinated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, the Premier said.

He added that it is an effective way to alleviate poverty, and the new concepts of achieving innovative, coordinated, green, open and inclusive development should also be implemented to build a better Ya’an.

The Premier also visited the governmental affairs service center in Ya’an and asked about the details of simplifying administrations and delegating powers, pensions for individuals and enterprises, and what people think about VAT reform.

He stressed the need to deepen reform to bring more benefits to individuals and enterprises.

During a visit to Chengdu Science City at Tianfu New Area in Chengdu, Premier Li said he hopes that the science city will become a center of new economy and an area that forges new driving forces to boost development in Sichuan province.

Jingrong Makers Town is a startup venue transformed from an empty building. There, the Premier talked with innovative talents and watched them displaying their products. Impressed by their great creativity, Premier Li asked the people in charge to further promote supply-side structural reform, adding that governments should improve services and policy support to meet the demands of the new economy.

At Dongfang Electric Corp, Premier Li learned about current research and development of some forward-looking technologies, and called on researchers to absorb outstanding achievements from around the world and make them our own.

Premier Li also inspected the State Key Laboratory of Polymer Materials Engineering at Sichuan University in Chengdu, and spoke highly of the innovative achievements. At the employment guidance center, Premier Li interacted with graduates and enterprises offering job opportunities, and learned about this year’s job market. He stressed that the university should play a leading role in the nationwide move on mass entrepreneurship and innovation and work to ensure graduates’ employment amid the grim employment situation.

At a vegetable market in Chengdu, the Premier chatted with residents and praised the outlet platform by which agricultural products can be sold at lower cost via Internet. He asked local authorities to ensure a sufficient supply of agricultural products and food safety, as well as to make sure that people who live on a subsistence allowance have their basic needs met.

Premier Li affirmed the significant progress Sichuan province has made in recent years, and hoped it will play a bigger role in developing the country’s economy.