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Premier meets US delegation and welcomes investment

Updated: Mar 31,2016 9:00 PM


China will strengthen its efforts in creating a fairer market environment for competition and improve the protection of intellectual property rights to welcome more foreign investment to China, including from the US.

These intentions were expressed by Premier Li Keqiang when meeting with a US delegation in Beijing on March 31 at the Great Hall of the People. The delegation is organized by the Aspen Institute, a Washington-based US think tank, and composed with 18 members of both the US State Senate and House of Representatives.

Premier Li stressed that China and the US have more in common than differences in ideas. As the world’s largest developing country and the world largest developed country, China and the US need to handle conflicts and divergence in ideas to maintain a steady and sound growth of Sino-US relations.

He also said that China is willing to work hard with the US side to promote the negotiation of the China-US Bilateral Investment Treaty, which is expected to benefit economic activities and trade between the two countries.

Representatives from the states of Illinois, Delaware, California and Nebraska shared their ideas and understanding through conversation with the Premier on topics such as Sino-US relations, China’s economic development and the business environment in China, seeing China’s development as an opportunity for the US.

During the meeting, Premier Li introduced China’s strategy of pursuing innovation-driven development and accelerating industrial upgrading.

[Photo/China News Service]

[Photo/China News Service]

[Photo/China News Service]