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Premier urges to promote agricultural modernization

Updated: Mar 21,2016 9:32 PM

Premier Li Keqiang gave written instructions to a work conference on March 21. The conference - concerning agricultural production in spring and fire prevention in forests and grasslands - was held in Taizhou, Jiangsu province, from March 20 to 21.

The Premier pointed out that agricultural works, especially agricultural production in spring, is important to the development of economic society. Every region and department should stick to new development ideas, make efforts to change the agricultural development pattern through deepening reform. The construction of modern agriculture should be strengthened and farmers be guided to be market oriented.

The Premier called for an accelerated development of multi-type agricultural businesses. He asked to promote the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries; to improve the overall agricultural efficiency and competence; and to increase farmer’s income.

Other works such as fire prevention in forests and at grasslands, poverty alleviation, construction of farmland and irrigation should also be done properly to ensure a good beginning to the 13th Five-Year Plan, Premier Li added.

Vice-Premier Wang Yang attended the conference and delivered a speech. He stressed that China’s current major conflict in agriculture is structural conflict - periodical lack of supply and exceeded supply exist at the same time. He asked to strengthen the instruction service of agricultural technology, and guide farmers to adjust production structure according to market demand.

Wang also stressed to prepare enough agricultural resources and strict quality control. Weather service should be enhanced to be well prepared for flood and drought, he said. Precautions should be strengthened to avoid fire disaster in forests and grasslands, he added.