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Premier Li calls for clear government, market margin

Updated: Feb 28,2016 10:11 AM

Confronted with a bloated government, Premier Li Keqiang has chosen a drastic reform measure of transforming government functions to delegate more power to the market and the society.

Simplicity, a piece of traditional Chinese wisdom, now correlates with the administrative principles of a modern government. Premier Li has urged the combination of streamlining power and management in order to optimize services.

The Premier also said hurting someone’s interest is more difficult than reaching his soul. What is important is to have civil servants accustom to their new administrative roles after the power delegation.

In fact, the central government has been promoting the administrative model of “three lists”, which are the “power list” identifying government functions, the “negative list” marking corporate boundaries and the “responsibility list” that states governments’ supervision of the market.

Premier Li has also urged a clear boundary between the government and the market to eliminate “blurred power”.