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Personal reply from Premier delights villager in Ningxia

Updated: Feb 19,2016 3:36 PM

“It’s unbelievable, totally unbelievable! The Premier replied to my letter!” Ma Xiliang, of Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region, said as he showed the letter from Premier Li Keqiang to a reporter.

On Feb 18, local officials delivered the letter to Ma, who was excited and surprised by Premier Li.

Ma Xiliang is happy to receive the Premier’s letter.

“It’s been four years since my last visit, and I have been informed that you and your people in the village moved into new houses with running water and stable income. I’m sincerely happy for you,” the Premier wrote in the letter. “The relocation is aimed at cutting the root of poverty, making people get out of poverty caused by unfavorable natural conditions and remoteness. New soil and water nourish new lives, while the relocation of the whole village can still keep the old friendship and kinship among the villagers. Your greatly changing lives shed light on the bright future of people who are still living in poor mountain areas. The government will continue to make more efforts in this regard. In your letter, you mentioned that as long as people are hardworking, they can make money, and you are supporting your children’s education this way. I totally agree with you, and hope you and your people will live a better life in your new homes.” In addition, Premier Li asked Ma to send his regards to his fellow villagers.

Ma Xiliang is sharing the Premier’s letter.

The story between the Premier and Ma started four years ago.

On Jan 16, 2012, Premier Li visited Qingshi, a small village in Ningxia Hui autonomous region, where he inspected the deteriorating condition of Ma’s old cave dwelling, a traditional house in the western region, and talked with the villagers.

With the help of local authorities, Ma and his neighbors in Qingshi village then were relocated to Minning town to pursue a better life.

But the Premier never forgot them. In early February, he revisited Ningxia and repeatedly asked provincial leaders in the region to visit Ma’s family for him.

Ma says the picture was taken at his old house.

On Feb 4, when the leaders arrived, Ma asked them to deliver a letter he wrote to the Premier.

Since he moved to Minning town, his family’s life has witnessed dramatic changes and they are now living under better conditions. He even made an album of pictures for the Premier to show the significant changes after the relocation.

Ma makes an album of Premier’s pictures.

The picture of the Premier talking with the villagers.

“I wrote the letter to the Premier and wanted to tell him that our lives have improved a lot from before and we see hope every day.”

To his surprise, he got the reply letter from the Premier.

His son’s cell phone still saves the picture of the Premier.