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Premier Li inspects Shaanxi ahead of Spring Festival

Updated: Jan 29,2014 6:34 PM

Premier Li Keqiang sent his Spring Festival greetings on behalf of the State Council to the people of Shangluo, Ankang and Xi’an in Shaanxi province on an inspection trip from Jan 26-28.

In Jinpo village of Xunyang county, Premier Li visited the family of migrant worker Yang Xiufeng and spoke with Yang, who was still working in a city, on the phone, saying that his family is waiting for him to join their reunion. He also told Yang that rural migrant workers like him have made tremendous contributions to the country.

Along with the development of new urbanization, people can enjoy more employment opportunities near their hometowns, Premier Li said. While checking the drought condition of local soil, the Premier called for more efforts to convert farmlands into forests.

In Ankang, Premier Li visited homeless children and the elderly in a relief station. He saluted the staff as engaging in a noble undertaking and vowed reinforced government measures to ensure homeless people receive help in time.

Millions of local residents have to relocate to avoid natural disasters. In Yungaisi county, Premier Li visited Chen Yongjin’s family, who were about to celebrate their first Spring Festival after moving. Premier Li also encouraged relocated people to learn new skills to get employed.

At a local market, Premier Li had the pleasure of chatting with local people and vendors, asking them to guarantee market supply and food safety.

In a local office of the S.F. Express, Premier Li described the express industry as a “black horse” that has driven employment and said the government will help create a fair environment for competition. At the BYD company, Premier Li learned of the development of new-energy vehicles, saying the government should take the lead to purchase such vehicles, which can help curb polluting emissions.

At the First Aircraft Institute of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Premier Li visited the experts and the engineers, calling on them to upgrade Chinese equipment into high-end products that can compete in the global market.