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Michael Hermann

Updated: Jan 22,2016 4:52 PM     

“To make a national law to prevent and control the national public health epidemic of pneumoconiosis and to create an effective implementation mechanism by creating a tax on high dust industries.”

Solution proposed:

1. To do a national pneumoconiosis survey. Like in TB control, there is every 10 years a randomized national survey. Currently there is no scientific data on the prevalence, and to solve this epidemic needs scientific methods.

2. Make a law, that everybody diagnosed with PPP is treated as a work safety victim and allowed to receive compensation, regardless of labour contract or not. The reality of migrant workers is, that many do not have labor contracts.

3. Where local companies cannot be made liable, the Central government establishes a compensation and treatment fund.

4. Make a national tax on high dust industries: Workplaces with higher dust levels, and a higher number of workers exposed to dust, would pay higher taxes. Such a differentiated mechanism is more fair, and would encourage workplaces to reduce the risk of dust inhalation by their workers.