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Premier Li calls on local governments to upgrade services

Updated: Dec 24,2015 7:51 PM

[Photo/China News Service]

Premier Li Keqiang met with representatives of local governments’ general offices, urging them to secure reasonable economic growth, push structural reform and foster new development engines in the next year on Dec 24.

We will face enormous difficulty in reform and development next year, which requires us to pursue a kind of development that is innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared, Premier Li said.

The government will increase the supply of public products and services, and work hard to improve people’s livelihood, he added.

In particular, Premier Li stresses the important functions of local governments’ general offices, describing it as crucial for government operations.

“General offices should serve as the ‘chief assistant’ of government. They should be keen enough to notice new conditions and changes in our development practice, then study them and come up with effective advice for later policy-making,” said the Premier.

Moreover, Premier Li said the general offices, standing at the forefront of transforming government functions, should work well as a “chief servant” for governments, which will deal with pragmatic issues, organize efficient meetings and release concrete documents.

In addition, the general offices should behave as the “efficient supervisors” of governments, making sure that good policies are well implemented to benefit more people, according to the Premier.

He called on officials of the general offices, who represent the image of the central government, to adopt new models and techniques to upgrade government services.

[Photo/China News Service]

[Photo/China News Service]

[Photo/China News Service]