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China pledges more cooperation with Tajikistan

Updated: Dec 15,2015 11:42 PM     Xinhua

Premier Li Keqiang met with Tajik Prime Minister Qohir Rasulzoda in Zhengzhou, capital of central China’s Henan province on Dec 15, vowing more industrial capacity and agricultural cooperation.

Calling Tajikistan a strategic partner of China with good-neighborly friendship, Premier Li said the high-level strategic mutual trust lays a solid political foundation for mutually beneficial cooperation in various areas.

China is willing to pursue common development with Tajikistan in the spirit of win-win cooperation so as to benefit both peoples, Premier Li said.

The Premier said the cooperation of industrial capacity between two countries has both basis and potential.

China hopes to better implement cooperation with Tajikistan on major projects on energy, construction materials and engineering machinery in order to help the industrial upgrading of Tajikistan, he said.

China is also willing to support Tajikistan in upgrading infrastructure, enhance connectivity in transportation and telecommunications, discuss ways of financing and build well the second part of China-Tajikistan highway, he said.

He called on both countries to give full play to complementary advantages to conduct agricultural cooperation and encourage cooperation between Henan, a major agricultural province, and Tajikistan.

Rasulzoda, who was here to attend the 14th prime ministers’ meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members, congratulated Premier Li on the successful hosting of the meeting.

He expressed deep appreciation to China for the assistance China has provided to his country to help address the natural disasters it suffered in the latter half of this year.

“China is the first country to accept our pledge and offer assistance, which once again shows the high level of our relations,” Rasulzoda told Premier Li.

China announced in August a 10-million-yuan ($1.63 million) material assistance package to Tajikistan, which was hit by floods and mudslides in summer.

Tajikistan is ready to synergize its development strategy with China, and enhance cooperation on economic and trade, agriculture, infrastructure construction, said Rasulzoda, adding that his country welcomes Chinese enterprises to further participate in its economic development.