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‘Deeply touched’ Premier replies to village doctor’s letter

Updated: Nov 19,2015 8:37 PM Metropolis Daily

[Photo/Yanzhao Metropolis Daily]

Liu Guifang, the founder of a village nursing home in Guangping county, North China’s Hebei province, was excited by a letter she received on Nov 18.

Her heart leapt when she saw the signature: Li Keqiang. It was a reply from the Premier to an earlier letter from Liu.

In the letter, Premier Li said he was “deeply touched” by Liu’s magnanimous act of raising money to establish the public welfare nursing home.

[Photo/Yanzhao Metropolis Daily]

To provide the public with affordable nursing homes with good services is an important part of establishing a multilevel service system for the elderly, said the Premier, adding that the government will provide active support.

He also encouraged Liu to be innovative in the operation of her nursing home and play an exemplary role.

Founded in September last year, Liu’s nursing home houses about 80 old people. It is free for elderly people without any legitimate supporter, and old people supported by minimum living allowance are exempt from partial charges. For ordinary old people, it charges differently according to their circumstances.


Before founding the nursing home, Liu was a doctor in Nanbao village of Guangping county. For more than 30 years, she had been devoting herself to taking care of 72 old people who lived without their children and suffered from chronic diseases. Due to her devotion she had been named “the most beautiful village doctor” and some other honorary titles.

As one of representatives of village doctors, Liu had an opportunity to meet then Vice-Premier Li in Beijing on January 5, 2013, who praised Liu and the other doctors for their “most noble careers.”

[Photo/Yanzhao Metropolis Daily]

Shortly after returning from Beijing, Liu started to make preparations for a nursing home. With the help of her family and friends, she managed to collect 2.95 million yuan ($462,265) in 2014 and established the current venue.

On October 10, Liu wrote to Premier Li, telling him of the process of establishing the nursing home. To her surprise, she received a reply.

“I’m so excited. The Premier has to deal with so many affairs every day. I didn’t expect he would really give me a reply,” said Liu. “I will not let him down. With my effort, I will make people feel the devotion of grassroots medical workers”.