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Premier, Merkel exchange gifts

Updated: Oct 30,2015 9:29 PM

Premier Li held a banquet dinner for visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Hefei, East China’s Anhui province on Oct 30.

Before the dinner, which was set in an Anhui-style building, the two leaders also exchanged gifts. Premier Li presented Merkel with quality local tea varieties such as Qimen Black Tea and Huangshan Maofeng Tea, as well as an Anhui-style picture made of silk and brocade. In return, the German gave Premier Li a Porcelain statue made by Germany’s Royal Porcelain Factory, and a comic book showing the cultural differences between China and Germany.

Last year, Merkel said to Premier Li that she would like to visit his hometown Anhui. Merkel enjoyed Anhui calligraphy and painting, and Anhui cuisine in Hefei. She also watched a tea art show. Merkel used to visit one Chinese city besides Beijing every time she visited China.