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Premier urges supervision to ensure implementation of policies

Updated: Oct 6,2015 2:48 PM

Premier Li Keqiang stressed at a State Council executive meeting on Sept 23, that supervision should be stepped up to promote a positive working attitude in government organizations. He said regulation is necessary to ensure implementation of policies.

Since last year Premier Li has twice sent supervision teams to ministries and local governments. “The next step will be that results will directly affect the transfer of government officials,” he said.

At the executive meeting chaired by Premier Li on July 16 last year, eight team leaders of the State Council’s supervision team reported work results. At another meeting in May this year, the Premier asked the team to find role models to share experiences and also negative examples as warnings.

“It is inevitable that people will be offended during supervision. For the interest of our country and people, we shall not be afraid of it,” the Premier said. He also proposed setting up a long-term mechanism to guarantee the implementation of policies.

Premier Li also attached importance to third-party evaluation. At one executive meeting chaired by him just after taking office in 2013, he listened to the evaluation report by a third-party on the implementation of private investment policies.

At the meeting last month, he said that supervision itself should also be supervised with problems and improvement processes being published, he said.

To transfer functions, the government also put pressure on itself. At a meeting on April 21 this year, the Premier announced a new rule for the operation of State Council documents, saying they should be issued within seven days if they are produced by joint ministries. Documents relating to the State Council should be issued within ten days if they need to be revised. Otherwise they should be issued within seven days.

“Why can China achieve great results since the reform and opening up policy was introduced? One reason is due to good policy, the other to our diligent people,” the Premier said. “We should continue to work hard for the development of the Chinese economy”.