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Premier’s letter highlights challenges

Updated: Sep 15,2015 4:50 PM

Premier Li Keqiang sent a congratulatory letter to the 2nd Global Grand Challenges Summit on Sept 15.

The summit, held from Sept 15-16 in Beijing, is jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the US National Academy of Engineering and The Royal Academy of Engineering in the UK.

In the letter, the Premier highlighted challenges facing the world. These included, he said, a lack of resources, pollution, climate change and epidemic diseases and he stressed the importance of inter-disciplinary and international cooperation in pursuit of solutions to these pressing challenges.

China is also facing various risks and challenges as the world’s largest developing country, Li said, and an innovation-driven strategy to promote mass innovation and entrepreneurship has been adopted to tackle them.

As a result, a number of leading researchers, company managers and technical specialists are starting their own businesses through this strategy, Li wrote in his letter.

“In my point of view,” Li noted in the letter, “this helps China maintain a middle-high speed of economic growth, strengthens its capability to encounter risks and challenges and in the end, realize sustainable development’’.

“So I hope countries enhance cooperation by using their advantages either in engineering, science or industry, to provide us with better solutions for the prosperity of future generations.’’

Over 800 leading engineers, scientists, educators and industry leaders from across the globe attended the summit.