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Premier Li Keqiang receives positive letters from CEOs

Updated: Aug 25,2015 3:01 PM

Premier Li Keqiang met with representatives at the Third Round-Table Summit of Global CEO Council on June 9 and discussed China’s economy, Made in China 2025, opening-up policy, and international capacity cooperation. Two months later, the Premier has received letters from some of the representatives, who appreciated his comments at the meeting.

Hamid Moghadam, chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer of Prologis, a leading industrial logistics facilities supplier and operator, said in his letter that he was impressed by the Premier’s wisdom and sincerity and wished a new and higher level of reform and opening-up for China.

Like Moghadam, Andrew Mackenzie, chief executive officer of BHP Billiton, is also confident about China’s development as he stated that they would see growth as China grows.

He noted in his letter that many countries overlooked the role of the manufacturing industry in boosting productivity and economic growth when they underwent a transformation into the service industry. He was glad to see that the initiatives of Made in China 2025 and Internet Plus would encourage innovation and promote the manufacturing capability of China, increasing his confidence in China’s development and the world’s future.

Klaus Kleinfeld, chairman and chief executive officer of ALCOA, said in his letter that he believed with the initiative of Made in China 2025, ALCOA would have great opportunities to expand cooperation in China. He also hoped to meet with the Premier again this September in Davos.

David Cote, chairman and chief executive officer of Honeywell, sent a handwritten letter to Premier Li and showed his interest in “third party market,” which was brought up by the Premier at the meeting in June.

David MacLennan, chairman and chief executive officer of Cargill, also expressed his interest in the Premier’s illustration of China’s “go global strategy” and “third party market,” and he extended an invitation to the Premier to visit Cargill when he came to the United States.

Many of the CEOs are interested in China’s economic development, as stated by Merlin Bingham Swire, chief executive of Swire Pacific, who said in his letter that the Premier’s mention of China’s economic structure reform and expanding opening-up gave him confidence in China’s future.

Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs, offered suggestions in his letter about how to increase financing opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises and customers, and how to promote domestic demand.