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Govt to continue rescue efforts and improve production safety

Updated: Aug 20,2015 8:49 PM

A State Council executive meeting recently presided over by Premier Li Keqiang gave instructions for the rescue operation at the explosion site in Tianjin and called for a nationwide improvement in production safety.

The meeting noted that so far the rescue efforts have made progress but all-out efforts should continue to deal with the aftermath of the blasts.

It required continuing efforts to search for and rescue missing people and take care of the injured. The government will deploy the country’s best rescue teams to the explosion site with the most advanced equipment.

Meanwhile, timely and real-time information of environment monitoring on air, water, and soil conditions will be made available to the public and actions will be taken to prevent environmental pollution accidents in the aftermath of the chemical warehouse explosion.

All the firefighters who sacrificed their lives in the explosion will be equally honored as comfort and compensation will be offered to the bereaved families. And it also required the Tianjin municipality to make plans to settle affected people and help the local people to return to their normal lives.

The meeting required a thorough and serious investigation on the causes of the accident and punished those who are found guilty of illegal activities or dereliction of duty.

The meeting also stressed that a lesson should be learned from this accident in Tianjin and required a nationwide check and improvement of production safety.