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New regulations for Taiwan residents’ travels to Chinese mainland

Updated: Jun 18,2015 3:43 PM

The State Council has revised regulations to make travels between Chinese mainland and Taiwan easier, which will be put into effect starting July 1, 2015, according to a recent decree signed by Premier Li Keqiang.

The previous regulation was promulgated by Decree No. 93 of the State Council on Dec 17, 1991, and effective as of May 1, 1992. It gave clear instructions on how mainland residents can travel to the region of Taiwan and how Taiwan residents can come to the mainland.

Taiwan residents will need a travel pass for entering the mainland but do not have to apply for a visa-like entry permit for every visit, based on the latest revision.

The revision also eases the requirements for documents needed when Taiwan residents apply for the travel pass.

The term of validity for a travel pass to Taiwan held by a mainland resident is extended from five years to a decade.

The duration for a Taiwan resident’s travel pass remains five years. But the revised regulation provides a new type of travel pass for Taiwan residents, which can be valid for three months.