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Chinese workers evacuated from quake-hit Nepal

Updated: Apr 30,2015 9:46 AM

A Chinese helicopter carrying supplies of food and water for the country’s nationals stranded at a hydropower station in quake-hit Nepal on April 28.[Photo/Xinhua]

All of the 254 Chinese workers stranded at a hydropower station near the quake-hit area of Nepal were evacuated to Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region by April 29, following coordinated efforts between China and Nepal.

Premier Li Keqiang had earlier urged various departments, including the Foreign Ministry, to organize the rescue of the workers as soon as the State Council learnt that the magnitude-8.1 earthquake had caused serious damage to the Rasuwagadhi Hydropower station owned by China Three Gorges Co.

The workers were stranded due to damaged roads, and one of them was seriously injured. They were also running out of food and water.

The Premier has repeatedly asked about the rescue operation, which involved both civilian authorities and the military, all working together to organize a total of 20 helicopter flights which evacuated the workers to safety.