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Premier Li Keqiang urges government to serve enterprises

Updated: Apr 22,2015 2:08 PM

On April 22, during his visit to the Xiangyu service center of the Xiamen Free Trade Zone, which is part of the Fujian FTZ, Premier Li Keqiang asked local residents if the FTZ had brought tangible benefits.

One told Premier Li Keqiang that procedures have been much simplified and the efficiency of customs clearance has been greatly improved.

“As the beneficiaries of FTZ reforms, you should also do a good job in supervising the government and abiding by the rules,” Li said during a visit to the newly-inaugurated Fujian FTZ.

According to one of the employees at the zone, the departments are catering efficiently to the needs of the public now, which was not always the case before.

“That’s right,” the Premier said, adding that the government is not simply regulating enterprises by administrative supervision, it is also catering to their needs.

“The better it serves the companies, the more motivated they are, thus stimulating vitality of the market and society,” he said.