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Premier stresses importance of administrative streamlining

Updated: Apr 22,2015 1:49 PM

During a visit to the newly-inaugurated Fujian FTZ on April 22, Premier Li Keqiang showed a great deal of interest on reform measures that simplified the registration system.

Under the new measures, enterprises only need to apply for one license and one registration number from three departments, greatly simplifying what had been a cumbersome procedure.

“This will greatly facilitate market players as it is the most difficult part of commercial registration system reform,” he said.

The Premier noted the importance of sticking to both streamlining administrative procedures and opening up when developing the FTZ.

“The wheel of administrative streamlining should start working first, to clear barriers and offer greater convenience for enterprises, thus shortening the time for them to finish procedures. Then, the door of opening up will be wider,” he said.