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Premier Li’s work report earns top marks from deputies

Updated: Mar 11,2015 9:37 PM

Lawmakers from all walks of life have commented on Premier Li Keqiang’s government work report during delegate discussions over the past week.

Xie Heping, president of Sichuan University, said the report — different in structure and expressions from previous years — is fresh and inspiring.

Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s co-founder and CEO, gave a thumbs-up for encouraging technological innovation and popular entrepreneurship.

“Though only a small part of the report is related to the Internet, it reveals huge information,” he told the media.

The Premier said that “whatever fiscal difficulties we may face, our policies to support agriculture must be strengthened, and related funding must be increased.”

As an NPC deputy from rural China, Guo Jianren was deeply moved and encouraged by this promise.

“I’m expecting to receive more benefits that help improve my living conditions,” Guo said.

Chen Lifen, NPC deputy with the Jiangsu Sunshine Group, saw the importance China attaches to traditional industry and its determination to transform it.

“As an enterprise representative from traditional industry, I have seen hope from the report. And it encourages me to continue our management and seek development,” Chen said.

Lu Qingguo, NPC deputy and chairman of Chenguang Biological Technology Corp gave high marks to the statement that “powers should not be held without good reason”.

“This is exactly what companies want most,” Lu said.

On March 7, NPC deputy Luo Zhijun briefly summarized their deliberations on the report when Premier Li joined the discussion of NPC deputies from Jiangsu province.

According to Luo, many lawmakers believe the most distinctive features concerning the style of this leadership are pragmatism and resolution.

Another deputy, Wei Hong, quoted an old saying that “One would never know the difficulties unless one has done it oneself.”

“As a local deputy, I think we should not only affirm the economic achievements China has made in the past year, we should also give high marks to efforts during the process,” Wei said.