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Regulation targets museum management

Updated: Mar 2,2015 1:49 PM

The State Council released a decree on March 2, which Premier Li Keqiang signed, issuing a regulation to enhance museum management.

The 47-article regulation, under Decree 659, asked museums to properly conserve and manage collections, and laid down specific rules for the establishment, change of management and closure of museums. The regulation will be in effect since March 20.

Aiming to provide equal opportunities for both public and private museums, the regulation offered the same tax exemptions to private museums which were previously only enjoyed by those under State ownership.

Banning museums from illegal collection of artifacts or goods from unknown sources, museums face fines for failure to comply up to 20,000 yuan ($3,200).

Encouraging museums to do more in the social service sector, the State Council also asked museums to open to the public for free and to organize special events for students during their summer and winter holidays.

Museums should also try to raise funds for their development by coming up with tourism and culture products.