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Premier: social relief should offer timely help instead of lip service

Updated: Feb 12,2015 11:51 AM

Premier orders help for those in need

The State Council ordered concrete help for the economically challenged, with priority given to people who are suffering serious diseases during an executive meeting on Feb 11.

Presided by Premier Li Keqiang, the meeting also decided on tasks for raising the standards of industries to boost economic development in terms of quality and efficiency.

Timely help instead of lip service

“What makes people feel warm is not lip service, it is timely help,’’ the Premier said when delegating work to officials from China’s Insurance Regulatory Commission and National Health and Family Planning Commission.

“I have a question for you,’’ the Premier said. “How much money should we invest to have healthcare insurance cover serious diseases all over the country?”

Confirming the achievements the healthcare insurance sector had made in recent years, Premier Li said more insurance products are needed to expand the reach of assistance as well as to raise the level of quality of assistance.

Having a serious disease can mean bankruptcy for many families in China, Li said, and concrete efforts should be carried out to strengthen overall planning and coordination between government bodies, focusing on pressure-relief for families in desperate need.

Lift product quality in competition

Admitting problems such as weak management, chaotic systems and low levels of existing standards in industry, the Premier said it is time to raise the bar.

“Improving the standards of China’s products and services is key to pushing the economy to a higher level”, he said.

In the laws and regulations sector, current national, local and industrial standards will be revised to introduce a unified mandatory national standard concerning a variety of areas such as health, safety and environmental protection, the Premier said.