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Premier gives instructions on national health campaign

Updated: Jan 21,2015 7:04 PM

Premier Li Keqiang called for the spirit of reform and innovation in the country’s patriotic health campaign.

He made the comments in written instructions issued on Jan 21.

The same day, a national videophone conference was held in Beijing, chaired by Liu Yandong, Vice-Premier and director of the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee (NPHCC).

Li said in his instructions that the campaign “plays an irreplaceable role” in preventing and controlling the spread of disease, improving hygiene in urban and rural areas and strengthening public awareness.

All the country’s regions and governing branches are required to “resolve major problems that affect public health”, he said.

The Premier also said that, as medical reform is deepened, the patriotic health campaign in the “new era” is set to continue “in the spirit of reform and innovation”.

He called for efforts to increase awareness of public health issues, and requested that the development of Patriotic Health Campaign organizations - as well as the grassroots level healthcare service system - should be strengthened.

The Premier detailed three priority tasks:

* continue to make efforts to control the root causes of various sanitation issues, stick to the principle of putting people first, and take concerted action on mass prevention and control.

* launch effective campaigns to tighten oversight and regulation, and continue efforts to improve sanitation in villages, townships, residential areas and cities.

* launch influential campaigns promoting a healthy lifestyle, reduce the frequency of infectious diseases outbreaks, and contribute to creating a “healthy China” - thus benefiting the general public.