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Premier Li Keqiang visits Yiwu Int’l Trade Mart

Updated: Nov 20,2014 8:32 PM

Premier beats the drum for Yiwu

Premier Li Keqiang was presented with a special gift he said was symbolic of the entrepreneurial spirit of Yiwu people during a visit to Yiwu International Trade Mart in Zhejiang province.

A businessman presented the Premier with a rattle-drum, a hand-held double-sided drum with a ball attached. He played it to bring him good fortune when he started his business decades ago, he said.

Li accepted the gift, rattled it, and said that he knew the entrepreneurial Yiwu people, who have a special talent for doing business, explored the world with these drums close at hand.

He added that Yiwu goods are China’s calling cards.

The Premier said the gift is precious and represents the Yiwu spirit, adding that he will gift it to the National Museum.

Foreign businessmen talk to the Premier in English

More than 10,000 foreign businessmen from more than 100 countries and regions reside in Yiwu city, also known as the “World’s Supermarket”.

On the morning of Nov 20, Li visited Yiwu International Trade Mart where many of the foreign merchants had gathered to see him and several foreign businessmen made their way through the crowd to talk with Li in English.

A French businessman said that he has been working and living in the city for six years, to which Li replied that he is now a genuine resident of Yiwu.

State Council documents support small and micro enterprises

On Nov 20, Li asked several store owners in Yiwu International Trade Mart whether they were benefiting from the tax and fee reduction promoted by the State Council, especially the newly implemented policy that raised the value-added tax and business tax exemption allowance to 30,000 yuan ($4,880) for small and micro enterprises.

Li told the business owners that if someone comes to charge them fees without any legal basis, they should let them see the State Council documents.

Premier shares ideas with small business owners in Yiwu

A audio shop owner in Yiwu International Trade Mart told the Premier that his business was greatly influenced by the exchange rate of the Brazilian real, as the majority of his clients live in Brazil.

Upon hearing this, some foreign customers in the store pushed their way forward and said that his products are also popular in their countries.

Li encouraged the store owner to explore new markets and not rely on just one.

Premier: Yiwu Int’l Trade Mart deserves global reputation

The Premier said that Yiwu International Trade Mart deserved its global reputation. The stores are not big, but the market is aimed at the globe; the location is not unique, but the goods are being shipped to all over the world, he added.

Li said Yiwu International Trade Mart is a contemporary version of the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, the most famous painting from the Northern Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127) with its depiction of commercial life.