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New policies come into effect on Nov 1

Updated: Nov 2,2017 7:19 AM

All-in-one business information sharing gets boost

A circular, issued by the State Administration of Taxation, takes effect on Nov 1, aimed at pushing forward the “all-in-one” business registration reform by enhancing information sharing.

According to the circular, all tax authorities nationwide should provide timely reports to the regional industry and commerce authorities on issues regarding information sharing quality, cooperate in verifying rules for additional related information input, expand the range of information sharing, and improve as well as implement the mechanism for information sharing and account checking.

Regulations on internet domain names

An amendment to the regulation on internet domain names was recently published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The rules are aimed at calibrating the assignment of responsibilities in communications administration at ministerial and provincial levels, improving the licensing system for domain name registration services, standardizing services for domain name registration, amending protection system for domain name registration information and personal information, and consolidating supervision both for ongoing events and their subsequent evolution.

Traceable management for insurance sales

A notice on the Interim Measures for the Retrospective Administration of Insurance Sales Practices was recently issued by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. The policy was formulated to trace insurance sales practices, check important information, and clarify responsibilities by asking insurance companies and agencies to collect audiovisual materials and electronic data, and record and save insurance selling processes.

Rules to supervise auction industry

Measures regarding the supervision and administration of the auction industry were recently released by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. According to the rules, auctioneers, principals, bidders, and other stakeholders should conform to related laws, regulations, and this policy. Meanwhile, openness, fairness, honesty, and credibility should be reflected in their auction operations. The State Administration of Industry and Commerce, and market regulation departments supervise and administrate auction operations in accordance with the Auction Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Executive licensing items for customs supervising workplaces

Interim measures for administration of customs supervision zones clarifying administrative licensing items for customs supervising workplaces were issued by the General Administration of Customs. The interim provisions clarify the special supervision areas, bonded supervision areas, supervision workplaces, duty-free stores, and the sites running supervision operations. The notice bans enterprises operating workplaces under the customs’ supervision from transferring, and lending their registration qualifications.

Industrial standards to take effect

The Ministry of Land and Resources recently released notices involving three industrial standards, including specifications on urban geology survey and the design for a regional groundwater monitoring network, which already passed the inspection conducted by the technical committee on land resources of the ministry.