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Weekly policies to improve people’s lives

Updated: Jul 30,2017 2:01 PM

Establish modern hospital management system

The State Council released a guideline on establishing a modern hospital management system.

It is projected that by 2020, a modern hospital management system with clear responsibilities, scientific management, efficient operation and effective supervision will be established.

To upgrade the current hospital management system, every hospital should formulate its own charter to clarify its nature, direction, source of funds, and rights and liabilities of its employees.

Governments should exercise power in governance, and enhance supervision on medical care quality, fees, prescription drugs and illegal behaviors.

Meanwhile, hospitals must enhance their self-discipline.

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Boost home rental market in large, medium cities

China is pushing development of the home rental market in large and medium cities to address rising rental demand from urban newcomers.

Measures will be taken in cities with net population inflows, including increasing the rental housing supply and setting up a government-backed home rental service platform, according to a notice issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and other government departments.

Through the platforms, information about available housing can be exchanged and rental deals can be regulated, in order to protect the rights of both sides and enhance market supervision.

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Implement rules for disability prevention, rehabilitation

The rules for physical disability prevention and rehabilitation, issued by the State Council earlier this year, will be implemented, according to a circular from the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The ministry asked all levels of authorities to strengthen disability prevention work, and enhance rehabilitation services and the application of assistant devices.

The government will improve social assistance, the subsidy policy for severely disabled people in nursing care, and the rehabilitation system for children with disabilities.

Social powers are also welcomed to invest in the sector.

China to toughen supervision on information concerning food safety

Ten departments including the Food Safety Commission of the State Council jointly released a notice on strengthening rumor prevention work on food safety.

According to the notice, unauthorized organizations or individuals should not release information concerning food safety risks or publish food inspection reports or appraisals from inspection institutions without any legal criteria.

China to further crack down on frauds in food and health products industries

Nine departments led by the Food Safety Commission of the State Council jointly released a guideline on further cracking down on illegal acts such as fraud and false advertisements in selling food and health products.

The guideline clarified a list of illegal acts related to food products and health supplement products sector such as illegally advertising, promoting or selling food products through the internet, television or telephone, saying they should be banned or receive punishment accordingly.

Latest report on national quality inspection of medical equipment

China’s Food and Drug Administration released a report on the quality inspection results of medical equipment, including five categories such as synthetic resin teeth and high-frequency electric surgical knives from various enterprises.

According to the report, two categories of products from nine enterprises that specialized in producing medical equipment have been disqualified for not meeting standards. Another four enterprises were disqualified for their product instruction or name tags.

Among all the inspected enterprises, 69 were deemed qualified according to the national standards.