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Govt policy roundup from past week (July 8-15)

Updated: Jul 14,2017 8:53 PM

China to further promote innovation and entrepreneurship

A guideline was approved at the State Council executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on July 12 to further enhance support for innovation and entrepreneurship.

China will establish an integrated digital business license registry, and enable one-stop registration for foreign enterprises and their domestic counterparts within a given time frame for due procedures.

It was also decided at the meeting to explore and establish a system to transform scientific results into products through proper funding support in strategic emerging industries.

Details>> Efforts to promote innovation

China to publish draft regulation on express delivery for public opinion

The State Council executive meeting held on July 12 decided to solicit public opinions on a draft regulation for the express delivery industry, with efforts to standardize and promote industry development and reduce logistical costs.

One focus is placed on better road transportation through improved traffic administration and law enforcement to enable better services while cutting red tape.

China issues plan on medical education reform

The State Council issued a plan to reform medical education and promote collaboration between medical education and practice on July 11.

It is aimed at training more qualified medical professionals, especially general practitioners and pediatric doctors, and improve public healthcare.

A “5+3” training system should be set up: a 5-year program of undergraduate clinical medicine plus a 3-year resident training or a 3-year postgraduate program.

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China issues national nutrition plan (2017-2030)

The State Council issued a plan (2017-2030) on July 13 to improve national nutrition and health.

The plan sets detailed goals for 2020 and 2030, such as cutting anemia rates among children under five and pregnant women, cutting the prevalence of stunted growth among children under five, and raising the breast-feeding rate among infants under six months old.

The plan also sets goals to narrow the gap between rural and urban students’ height, control student obesity rates and promote nutritional therapy among hospital patients.

Details>> National nutrition plan (2017-2030)

New national nature reserves approved

The State Council announced 17 newly constructed national nature reserves through a notice issued on July 12.

The move aims to protect rare wild animals such as Siberian tigers and natural scenery such as wetlands.

The size and function of the nature reserves will be announced by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Related areas should set the nature reserve boundary according to the approval and publish it to the public on time, it said.

Related areas and ministries should take responsibility for enhancing supervision on illegal acts involving nature reserves. Administration of nature reserves should also be coordinated with local economic development and people’s production and living, the notice added.

Details>> State Council announces 17 new national nature reserves

China to cut banking service fees

The National Develop and Reform Commission and the China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly released a circular on removing six items of banking service fees for people who withdraw cash from the same bank in different regions, which will take effect on August 1.

Commercial banks are also required to inform their customers that they can apply for a free bank account through their websites, mobile phones or apps. For customers who don’t apply, banks should take the initiative to exempt them from annual fees or account management fees for their main bank account.

China to strengthen market supervision

The State Administration for Industry & Commerce issued a circular on July 13 to promote random and open market inspection.

It has clarified the powers and duties of market supervision bureaus, the details of random inspections and made an annual inspection plan.

Migrant workers encouraged to start businesses at home

The National Development and Reform Commission issued a circular recently to encourage migrant workers, college graduates and retired soldiers to start businesses in their home regions.

Local governments were urged to address obstacles hindering entrepreneurship, such as insufficient infrastructure, public services, financing and red tape.

Those counties which have a large number of migrant workers are encouraged to apply for pilot projects.

China to improve housekeeping service industry

The National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other ministries jointly released an action plan for 2017 on enhancing quality and expanding the scale of the housekeeping service industry.

According to the document, the housekeeping service industry’s annual growth rate of revenue should be kept over 20 percent, reaching 400 billion yuan. Also, it should play a bigger role in solving the employment of key groups including the transferred rural labor forces and urban laid-off workers, with an estimated employment population of 28 million.