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New regulations to be implemented from June

Updated: May 28,2017 1:51 PM

Several new regulations are set to be implemented from June, which will include the compensation for expropriation and resettlement on large water projects, as well as agricultural chemical management in China, drone registration and the national standards for the construction sector.

1. Regulation on land expropriation in utility projects

China’s new regulations on land expropriation and relocation compensation, specifically for medium to large-scale water and electricity power projects, will take effect from June 1, according to a State Council circular issued on May 2.

The new regulation was designed to have a fairer compensation for residents whose land was expropriated, and those who have to relocate. It was created to ensure a smooth resettlement of work, while safeguarding the relocated residents’ legal rights when projects were carried out.

2. Regulation on agricultural chemicals

National efforts will soon be made to support the development, production and use of safe and effective agricultural chemicals, according to a revised regulation released by the State Council on Feb 8.

The regulation, effective from June 1, was designed to protect farms, forestry and ecological environments, made possible by improving the quality of farming chemicals.

In addition, agricultural chemical producers and sellers would also be under governmental and social supervision.

3. Regulation on drone registration

The Civil Aviation Administration issued a regulation on drone registration on May 16.

According to the document, effective from June 1, drone manufacturers and owners will be required to register product information on an online registration system —

The regulation would be applicable to civil drones with take-off weight of 250 grams and above.

4. Regulation on construction standards

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued a series of regulations regarding the national construction standards of wood, steel and concrete for fabricated buildings.

The standards will soon be published by the China Architecture and Building Press, and will be applied from June 1.