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New rules that take effect on April 1

Updated: Mar 30,2017 10:25 AM

Several important rules and regulations will change or take effect on April 1, which marks the start of the second quarter of 2017. The rules range from regulations on foreigners working in China to protection of Maritime Silk Road cultural heritage.

New foreigners’ work permit in China

A new foreigners’ work permit administration system is to go into effect on April 1. The Employment Permit for Foreigners and the Foreign Expert Work Permit are integrated into the Foreigner’s Work Permit in China. The new program makes it more simple and transparent for foreigners to apply for a work permit in the country.

More administrative charges called off

Another 41 administrative charges will be cancelled across the country on April 1, according to a new government regulation. Among them are housing transfer fees and the marriage registration fee, which are closely related to everyday life.

Electric equipment required on commercial buses

China’s new regulation on commercial buses will take effect on April 1. The rule makes it compulsory for all commercial buses to be equipped with a Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system.

Minimum wage raised in Shanghai

The minimum wage in Shanghai will be raised on April 1, when the local government will announce the adjustment plan. Currently, the minimum monthly salary in Shanghai stands at 2,190 yuan ($318) and the minimum wage per hour is 19 yuan.

Protection of cultural heritage in Fuzhou

A rule on the protection of Maritime Silk Road cultural heritage will take effect in Fuzhou, capital city of East China’s Fujian province on April 1. Many historical sites in Fuzhou have witnessed the development of the Maritime Silk Road. One of the most famous is a well-preserved stone tablet in the Minwang ancestral temple. The tablet is one of four dating from the Tang Dynasty (618-907), whose inscriptions have recorded in detail the important role Fuzhou played in the development of the Maritime Silk Road.

Long distance driving test cancelled in Guangdong

Authorities in South China’s Guangdong province said local people will not take a long distance driving test anymore when applying driver’s license; cancelling the test is set to take effect on April 1. For those who have reserved or failed the test, they can skip the process and move on to other driving tests, the rule said.

Shanghai towns’ new social security system

The old social security system for small towns in East China’s Shanghai will cease on April 1. The social security of those people whose lands were expropriated will be incorporated into the national security system, the government said.