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New regulations to change people’s lives in March

Updated: Mar 1,2017 7:03 AM

Simplified procedures to cancel registration

According to a circular from the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the reform of streamlining registration cancellation of enterprises will be rolled out nationwide on March 1.

Eligible enterprises can choose regular procedures or simplified steps to cancel their registration.

Seven types of goods cannot be returned without reason within 7 days

According to a circular from the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, customized and fresh goods, downloaded products, opened audio-visual products, software and other digital products, newspapers and journals cannot be returned without reason within 7 days after purchase.

With agreement from customers, the rule could also be applied to products that may affect people’s health or degrade after opening; these lose significant value after activation or trial use, as do products near expiration or with defects.

Postal delivery to be faster

From March 1, the new standard for postal service will take effect, which will cut the postal delivery time by 50 percent. Regular parcels will be delivered directly to the customer, which in the past had to be picked up at the post office in person.

Meanwhile, the new standard requires that every county have at least one post office that has access to international postal service, and every town should have an office where residents can pick up parcels.

Take long-distance bus with real name

From March 1, passengers buying tickets online or offline for along-distance bus must use real ID information.

If someone buys a ticket for another person, he or she should use the other person’s ID card to buy that ticket.

Full-process information tracking for imported cosmetic products

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) will begin implementing new regulations on imported cosmetic products on March 1.

According to the regulation, a consignee who purchased cosmetics from overseas can choose any port to receive their goods and apply for inspection after submitting basic information to an inspection and quarantine institute.

The policy will break regional restrictions and bring down costs for consignees.

Government bond market to be better regulated

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), China’s central bank, will start to implement a regulation on the operation of the government bond market on March 1.

According to the regulation, bidding results can take effect only after confirmation of the site staff from the Ministry of Finance and the PBOC by signature. The staff from either side is entitled to turn down the bidding results if a violation is found.