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Govt policy moves from the past week (Feb 12-18)

Updated: Feb 18,2017 7:24 PM

Plan to curb chronic diseases

The State Council released a medium- to long-term plan (2017-2025) on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

It set a goal that by 2020 premature death rate in 30- to 70-year-olds caused by chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes would be reduced 10 percent compared with 2015, and 20 percent by 2025.

The number of people who regularly exercise is expected to reach 500 million and the smoking rate among people over 15 years old would be within 20 percent by 2025, the plan said.

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Five-year plan to curb tuberculosis

A five-year plan (2016-2020) to fight tuberculosis was issued by the State Council on Feb 16.

It vowed to improve medical services for people with tuberculosis and increase the recovery rate to more than 90 percent by 2020, according to the circular.

The plan stipulated that all county-level public medical institutions should have the capability to diagnose the disease.

In addition, diagnosis and treatment services should be improved for special groups, including children, students and HIV-infected patients, the circular outlined.

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Smart health and elderly care

China plans to develop smart health and the elderly care industry over the next four years, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced on Feb 17.

According to an action plan made by the MIIT, Ministry of Civil Affairs and National Health and Family Planning Commission, China will build a smart health and elderly care industry with more than 100 industrial leading enterprises and a number of brands by 2020.

Advanced health devices will be developed, such as health management wearables, portable health monitors and home service robots, the plan said.

Intelligent analysis technologies will be promoted, such as real-time health status analysis and health trend analysis based on big data, so as to provide more types of healthcare services to the public.

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Improve poor counties’ autonomy with subsidies

The pilot reform that aims to improve the efficiency of the poverty alleviation fund will be expanded to all 832 registered poor counties, according to a circular issued by the Ministry of Finance and the national poverty alleviation office.

According to the reform, the mechanism of allocating funds from upper authorities to poor counties remains unchanged, while the autonomy of local authorities to use the fund will be improved.

Five-year plan on civil aviation

The five-year plan on civil aviation was issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Transport on Feb 15.

By 2020, the goal is that passenger capacity would reach 720 million, number of general airports would reach at least 500 and number of general aircraft would be over 5,000, with the total flight time of two million hours.

Updated regulation on college student

The updated guideline on the regulation of college student was issued by the Ministry of Education on Feb 16, which highlights support for starting businesses and protecting their legal rights.

Five-year plan on express industry

The five-year plan on express delivery industry (2016-2020) was issued by State Post Bureau.

The plan outlined several tasks, including expanding the international market, promoting the integration between internet and express and promoting a green express industry.

Promoting college graduates’ employment

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issued a circular that urges local authorities to create more jobs for college graduates, and introduce support such as tax preference and subsidies on social insurance.

Highlights of education work

The Ministry of Education issued the highlights of its accomplishments in 2017, including the administrative and service reform on education, reform of the school admission mechanism and strengthening education supervision.