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Assessment approved to secure food supply chains

Updated: Sep 1,2016 4:33 PM Daily

An assessment system for provincial governments’ food safety performance approved on Aug 29 will help implement China’s Food Safety Law and secure food supply chains to protect people’s health, according to an official from the Food Safety Commission of the State Council.

He added that the assessment will be carried out from two aspects — implementation of food safety measures and food safety conditions, which will be reflected in grades.

The revised Food Safety Law went into effect last October and stipulates that government at higher levels should conduct appraisals and assessments for government at lower levels. The official said it is the legal basis for conducting the assessment on provincial governments’ food safety performance and fulfilling food safety responsibilities.

The assessment will be carried out through on-site inspections by the Food Safety Commission Office and related departments, local governments’ self-assessment reports, evaluations produced by member departments of the Food Safety Commission, and an evaluation report by the Food Safety Commission Office submitted to the commission for final review.

Provinces, regions and cities that receive a grade A will be publicly praised by the commission. In C-grade regions, officials in charge of food safety will receive special interviews with the commission office and related departments. Meanwhile, related leading officials will have no chance to receive annual awards or honorary titles.

Frauds in assessment will be publicly criticized, and staff members involved in serious cases will be held accountable.