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Premier Li emphasizes rule of law in promoting PPP

Updated: Jul 9,2016 11:18 AM

The State Council executive meeting on July 7 emphasized that a unified legislation work can promote the development of public-private partnerships (PPP) in public service sector more efficiently.

Government functions overlapping or contradictory opinions occurred during the meeting where two departments were delivering reports on their legislation work concerning PPP.

To deal with this, Premier Li Keqiang asked the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council to take charge of the legislation work and coordinate between the two departments.

“We are building a government under rule of law, which should surpass each individual department’s interests. Decisions made by the Legislative Affairs Office should both consider suggestions from concerned departments and think beyond their interests,” said Premier Li.

Premier Li pointed out the short slabs in the public service sector by illustrating difficulties in some flood areas during his latest inspection tour.

“The government should attach great importance to the PPP legislation work, with an effort to improve public service and benefit the people,” said Premier Li.

The meeting encouraged reform of investment and financing system in the process of promoting PPP, and easier market entry for fields including public services and infrastructure construction. It asked related departments to introduce high-quality projects while cutting unnecessary approvals, and actively promote pricing reform in the supply of water, gas and heat. The meeting also emphasized the importance of strengthening the consciousness of contracts for all sides in cooperation, so as to protect legal rights and interests.

The Premier urged cooperation and coordination between various departments in promoting PPP mode.

“A green light should be given to any investment as long as it is reasonable and could unleash the vigor of society,” he said, stressing the pressing need to implement the measures.