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State Council to improve education in central and western China

Updated: Apr 29,2016 3:33 PM

“The problem of super big class sizes in counties and towns will be basically resolved by 2018,” the State Council said during an executive meeting on April 27, where it was decided that the development of education in central and western China will be accelerated.

Starting Jan 1, 2016, a unified education fee system was established in cities and towns.

Officials in charge of related matters in the Ministry of Education said the transformation of weaker schools will be completed before the end of 2018. Every aspect of these schools will meet basic standards, and student dormitories will also see improvements.

Chu Zhaohui, a senior researcher at the National Institute of Education Sciences, said that the meeting addressed every educational phase. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, the three-year preschool enrollment rate should be improved to 85 percent. The Ministry of Education is researching the third session of the three-year plan with other related departments to build more kindergartens.

China is planning to issue a guideline regarding high school education. Secondary vocational education will be promoted and categorized to eliminate tuition and fees. Students living in poverty will have priority exemption of tuition and fees.

“Higher vocational colleges will cooperate with secondary vocational schools and build practical training facilities together. Vocational education should be linked with a professional spirit to cultivate the craftsman’s spirit,” said Education Minister Yuan Guiren.